about the course

about the courseabout the courseabout the course
You asked for it, so we did it.
You asked for a different online course experience for your kids that can be interesting for the whole family while being rewarding and useful.
So we created a quick course with an outcome that lives with the students when the course is over.

Our course is a unique experience for the whole family. Our students not only learn how to build simple or complex databases using No/Low Code platforms like Ninox, but when the course ends, they will possess a fully functional database that they created together with their personal tutor.

Our expert tutors, will help the whole family set up the right working environment, plan ahead of the project and guide the student on how to build useful databases that can improve daily tasks.

How we do it


What is a database

We start with an intro to the basics. We help kids understand what is a database and how it is used.


Choosing the subject

We decide together what database is the best fit for each student. The student can choose between our recommendations or they can even propose their own idea.



We download the right tools and we setup our account.



We discuss about the importance of planning and we learn how to plan our project using mind maps or other online process and workflow design tools.


Introduction to the platform

We make a short intro into the Ninox Platform. The No/Low code solution that can help us build databases and applications that can work on all devices.



We build our project step by step, explaining why we do what we do, what would happen if we did something else and what are the available options in the platform.



This is where we test our project, we correct mistakes and we think of solutions that can improve our application.

who is it for

All children 12+

All children 12+

Every child between 12 and 17 years old can learn how to build a database using No/Low Code Platforms with the help of our expert tutors. When the course is done the kids will be able to use the platform and create their own databases that handle daily tasks.

All the family

All the family

The course is not only useful and interesting for kids. The whole family can participate, learn and contribute to the project



The course can be offered to a group of children, as long as each student has access to a personal computer and there is an adult moderator inside the class.

what DATABASES do we build

Video Games Archive

Video Games Archive

A database with all the video games that the kid owns per console and genre. Wishlist as a bonus!

School Program

School Program

A database to manage school program, subjects and notes per subject. The kids can get real value out of their own creation.

Books Archive

Books Archive

Kids can build their own books database per author, genre, category using cover image. Additionally we build a books wishlist.

Financial Management

Financial Management

Income, Expenses, Goals. A database to manage the financial plans of the kids.

Artwork Archive

Artwork Archive

Is your kid a future artist? We will build together a database to archive all of their creations.

Kid's Custom Database

Kid's Custom Database

The kid has it's own idea about what we build? If it is possible, we build it and we make it work.

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  • Duration: 02:00 Hours
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Choose Day
Choose Time


The course's duration is 2 hours and it can take place on a day and time of your preference.  
The course is in English.
The course is only online. Once you register you will receive a Microsoft Teams link. However, if you prefer other platforms, before the course we can discuss and choose any online meeting option like zoom, Google Meet, etc.
The course is suitable for every kid 12+ years old, classes and for the whole family.
Even though parents shouldn't actively participate, it is recommended to be around and monitor the kid during the course. The active participation of the family is ideal and most of the times makes the course even more efficient. 
We use several tools during the course. We use tools for mind-mapping, design and work flow management. For database creation and for building our fully-functional application using the trial version of Ninox . Ninox is a No/Low Code database platform that works in all devices. 
Ninox is one of the most flexible Low-Code platforms in the digital ecosystem with a plethora of automation features and integration possibilities.

Digital Sonar is an official Ninox Partner and our team are Ninox Experts with multiyear experience in training and database building.

By enrolling to our course, you will receive instructions on how to create an account and get a Ninox Trial version.
After the course, the students can continue using the trial version that we can help get it extended to up to 6 months.