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Beyond Automation: Crafting digital solutions that transform futures

We are Digital Sonar...Beyond Automation, we craft digital solutions that transform business futures

At Digital Sonar, we understand that the DNA of any successful business lies in its operations and processes. These are that make a business unique and different than another business.  In today's fast-paced world, companies face the dual challenge of managing complex, often chaotic workflows while striving to provide exceptional customer experiences.

That's where we step in with some magic.
(Yeah, we believe in magic, as long as it is proven by Numbers, Customer Insights & Data)

We transform operational challenges into the greatest strengths of the organization. We achieve this by crafting bespoke, tailor-made solutions for each unique need, while also utilizing and integrating out-of-the-shelf solutions when they align with the digital goals. Leveraging cutting-edge low code technologies like Ninox, we ensure a perfect blend of customization and efficiency, bringing order, efficiency, and harmony to the company's internal processes.

This is where we thrive

Tailored Software Solutions for Every Sector's Unique Needs

 Oil & Gas

Engineering solutions to optimize operations, ensure compliance, and accelerate growth.


Crafting solution that enrich learning experiences, streamline administrative processes, and foster academic excellence.


Specialized software solutions, designed specifically for the industry and for seamless project management, enhanced efficiency, and superior collaboration.

 Raw (Heavy) Materials

Optimising operations with robust software solutions, designed for unmatched efficiency, inventory control, and supply chain management.

 Real Estate

Elevated real estate businesses with custom innovative software solutions, designed for seamless property management, market analysis, and client engagement

 Legal Services

advanced software solutions that transform legal practise, designed for case management efficiency, document automation, and streamlined client communications.

 Health Services

Advances healthcare services with comprehensive software solutions, designed for patient management, data security, and operational excellence.


Enhanced distribution and food supply chain with dynamic software solutions, designed for inventory optimization, traceability, and seamless logistics management


Boost advertising services with innovative software solutions, designed for creative campaign management, data-driven insights, and enhanced client collaboration


e-commerce success with tailored software solutions, designed for seamless online shopping experiences, inventory management, and customer engagement optimization.

Exterminate Excel when used as business software


A single Source of Truth

Take decisions based on calculations and not on estimations


Process Harmony

Transport chaos into order and harmony for business owners and employees


Company Storytelling

Share company stories based on actual business data


Decision Making

Harness the Power of Data: Utilize comprehensive analytics to guide your decisions, eliminating guesswork.


Creativity and Focus

Provide your team with tools that make their jobs easier and more productive so they focus on what they do best being without compromising focus and creativity.

The ultimate Solution for your Business Process Automation & Digitalization

Ninox imageNinox imageNinox image
Ninox is one of the most flexible Low-Code platforms in the digital ecosystem with a plethora of automation features and integration possibilities.

Digital Sonar is an Premium Solutions Ninox Partner and over the last years we have architected and developed a vast amount of complete business solutions, from simple Business process automations to complex integrations with internal or external systems, in multiple verticals all over the world.

Build Custom Apps
Drag & drop to quickly arrange forms, charts and reports.

Invite your team
All your data in a central, smart workspace - no communication overhead.

Work from anywhere
Ninox runs on all your devices - with or without internet connectivity.

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Our experience per industry:
Banking-Financial, Auto, Education, Advertising, FMCG, HO.RE.CA, Production, Raw Materials, Architecture, e-commerce

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Don't just take our word for it...

Radu Stroescu
Owner & CEO

Digital Sonar is a very good team of professionals, with insights and advices that go beyond a clasic B2B collaboration.

Sven Kirschning (Germany)

Digital Sonar's strategists were very quick understanding my needs and offered a good and well thought solution to it. The solution they delivered is working fine and was delivered on time. It was a pleasure working with Digital Sonar.

Andrew Bowring (UK & Malta)

Absolutely superb continuing performance, can highly recommend. No problem or issue is too much trouble. Thanks Digital Sonar!

Romano Del Negro
VIR CO Romania

Alexandros and his team are a perfect mix of kindness, education and perfectionism! I am sure that the future of Digital Sonar will be one of continued success!

Liviu B. (Romania)

I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding services. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from the low-code solution that Digital Sonar delivered.

Scotty V. (Czech Republic)

Kyle, Digital Sonar did exactly what you said it does. Thank you!

Cornelius M. (Italy)
Digital Director

You've done so much! Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I am completely blown away.

Richard Shadrin (USA)
Owner, CEO

Working with Digital Sonar & Alexandros has been a blessing. I needed to find an expert to help me with my project. From the first meeting, Alexandros brought my project to life, and now my workflow is the most efficient it's ever been.

Len Perroots
Financial Expert, Dreamer & Entrepreneur

Digital Sonar’s expertise in understanding complex business requirements is outstanding. Alexandros and his team deliver high-quality solutions that you can count on!

Cherye T. (USA)

I'd be lost without Digital Sonar. Digital Sonar could be the most valuable business resource we have EVER recruited.

Virginia Q. (Australia)

Digital Sonar should be nominated for service of the year. The quality of their services worth every penny

Daniel Georgiev, Hunat Glass
Head of Operations, Siganpore | Czech Republic │ U.A.E.

Digital Sonar has been an immense help with their excellent programming skills and their deep understanding of corporate processes, which go far beyond the usual IT expertise

Hunat Glass

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