We believe in magic, as long as it is proven by Numbers, Customer Insights & Data

We are Digital Sonar. A Digital Communication & Transformation company with 18+ years of experience in Digital Transformation,  Digital Marketing, Digital  Advertising & Software Solutions. Native "Digital Language" speakers who have provided Digital applications and marketing solutions for several major players in the international market.

Our people have passed through a multiyear, passionate relationship with programming, business analysis and product Development. As a natural outcome of a constant evolution, spending almost two decades through most of the stages of the modern digital universe, the digital transformation trend assigned us the role of Digital Leaders and Digital Strategists. Our objective is to help companies achieve business goals by creatively and efficiently interacting with existing and potential clients, through the most relevant digital channels and tactics.
We believe that magic skills exist and  that magic can be achieved as a result of hard work, constant learning, and experience. Our magic skill is to understand the modern online consumers, spotting them around the omni-channel web and delivering them - at the right time - messages that tell real brand stories focusing on their needs while taking out of  our hats solutions that solve real daily business struggles and make impact to the organisation.

As native "Digital Language" speakers, we can translate internal or external business processes into simple or complex digital solutions that boost the way companies manage their business. With the help of integration solutions and Low-Code Platforms we deliver turn-key solutions that end to be essential to decision making and business development and performance.
We start with Analysis, Data & Insights. We use the right tools to turn big data into big information and then we plan, build, re-plan and re-build a winning Digital Communication or Transformation Strategy.

Even though we live in digitally noisy world full of infinite tools, we strongly believe that the best insights are coming from the client. Part of our day-to-day role is to spend time next to our clients helping them to help us build and implement their winning Digital Communication and Transformation strategies.
Our vision is to actively contribute to the global digital transformation, and we will achieve this by constant learning, strategizing, measuring and sharing knowledge with colleagues and clients, through national and international projects.